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Howard Wiseman on the future of quantum mechanics

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Physics 07/01/2016

George Musser, author of the highly acclaimed, new book “Spooky Action at a Distance”, interviews quantum physicist Howard Wiseman (Griffith Univ., Australia). Wiseman was a key note lecturer at the EmQM15 Vienna Symposium (see Event section). In the video interview, which was produced with the support of the Fetzer Franklin Fund, Wiseman considers the future of quantum mechanics in light of the continuing challenge of quantum gravity. “We have these two tremendously successful theories”, Wiseman reminds us of that long-time conflict in modern physics, “quantum mechanics and general relativity – and yet they don’t go together. So something has to give.” In view of that long-standing incompatibility at the heart of physics, Wiseman suggests that “how things could work out is that it [quantum theory] would break down and that we will find – then – indications about... a true reality underlying that.”
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