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The concept of complementarity and its role in quantum entanglement and generalized entanglement

Axiomathes 23(3): 443-459.
Hinterberger, T.von Stillfried, N. University Hospital Regensburg,
Regensburg, Germany

University of Trier,
2012 Physics

The term complementarity plays a central role in quantum physics, not least in various approaches to defining entanglement and the conditions for its occurrence. It has, however, been used in a variety of ways by different authors, denoting different concepts and relationships. Here we describe and clarify some of them and analyze the role they play with respect to the phenomenon of entanglement.

Based on these considerations we discuss the recently proposed system-theoretical generalization of the concepts entanglement and complementarity (Atmanspacher et al. in Found Phys 32(3):379–406, 2002; von Lucadou et al. in J Conscious Stud 14(4):50–74, 2007; Filk and Römer in Axiomathes 21(2):211–220, 2011; Walach and Von Stillfried in Axiomathes 21(2): 185–209, 2011). We hope that a clarification regarding the specific meaning of these terms can be useful to the growing engagement with this interesting hypothesis and its critical investigation.

The article was published in: Axiomathes 23(3): 443-459.

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This work was supported (in part) by the Fetzer Franklin Fund of the John E. Fetzer Memorial Trust.