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Silke Weinfurtner

University of Nottingham, UK Related

Prizes and Awards

05/2013 Royal Society University Research Fellowship (UK), 598.062 GBP

05/2013 Notthingham Advanced Research Fellowship (UK), 217.163 GBP

05/2013 Vidi award (Netherlands), 800.000 EUR

09/2012–08/2013 SISSA Research Award for Young Scientists

2011 / 2012 ERC-2012-StG invitation to Step 2 (including interview in Brussels)

09/2011–08/2014 Marie Curie Actions — Career Integration Grant (CIG)

05/2011–10/2012 SISSA Research Award for Young Scientists

11/2010 Invitation to become an FQXi member

09/2008–09/2011 Marie Curie Actions — International Outgoing Fellowships (IOF)

2006 Victoria University PhD completion scholarship

2005 New Zealand Postgraduate Study Abroad Award

10/2004–10/2005 DAAD partial stipend for overseas studies

09/2004 Hartle Prize of the International Society on GR and Gravitation for student presentation

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