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Quantum interconnectedness and induced nonlocality

Ana María Cetto Related
Physics 27/10/2017

With his approach to quantum mechanics, Bohm brought back to physics two essential notions, namely causality and particle trajectories, by creatively reinterpreting the quantum formalism and postulating a novel conceptual framework that has fruitfully evolved in several directions. Quantum interconnectedness was for Bohm a fundamental principle of nature. This is the key point at which stochastic electrodynamics departs from the Bohmian approach, since in the former the cause of interconnectedness is to be found at the ontological level, and is identified with the unavoidable presence of the vacuum radiation field in permanent interaction with matter. Some central elements and results of this theory will be presented, highlighting the role of this missing element in establishing a physical link between interconnectedness and nonlocality in quantum theory.