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The Problem of Fine-Tuning in Quantum Theory

Matt Leifer Related
Physics 26/10/2017

Despite many years of research, there is still no universally agreed upon realist interpretation of quantum theory. In this talk, I will review the constraints that a good interpretation should satisfy, and argue that the main problem is to deal with the fine-tunings implied by no-go theorems about realist approaches to quantum theory, such as Bell’s theorem. We should seek to either eliminate these fine tunings or explain them as emergent. I will give an overview of the various fine-tunings that exist in quantum theory, due to nonlocality, contextuality, lack of time-symmetry, and results on the reality of the quantum state. I will explain how we can quantify each fine tuning, and outline two approaches to solve the fine-tuning problem based on block universe models with retrocausality and many-worlds.