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Marian Kupczynski

Department of Computer Science, Université du Québec, CA Related

Professor at Université du Québec en Outaouais, CA

• 1971 M.Sc. (physics), University of Warsaw, Poland.
• 1981 Ph.D. (theoretical physics), University of Warsaw, Poland.
Research interests
• Foundations of quantum mechanics. Quantum information. Violation of Bell inequalities  and completeness of quantum mechanics.
• High energy scattering. Possibility of the violation of the optical theorem in spite of the unitarity of S matrix.
• Search for the experimental evidence of the violation of the optical theorem in high energy hadron-hadron scattering in LHC.
• Statistical analysis of the experimental data. Non parametric compatibility tests (purity tests).  Search for the fine structures
in  time- series of  data.
• Predictions of the quark model for the scattering of polarized initial beams.  (Ph.D. Thesis and related publications).
• Group theory. Contractions of Lie groups and their representations. (M.Sc. Thesis and related publications)

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