Consciousness in the Physical World (Request for Proposals) is open!

Fetzer Franklin Fund and FQXi announce the Consciousness in the Physical World RFP open to initial applications through February 12, 2020 (11:59PM Eastern Standard Time).
The initial application must include:

  • A 300–500 word summary of the project, explicitly addressing why it is topical, foundational and unconventional
  • A draft budget with description not exceeding 200 words, including an approximate total cost over the life of the award and explanation of how funds would be spent
  • A Curriculum Vitae for each Principal Investigator, which MUST be in PDF format, each including:
    • Education and employment history
    • A list of up to five previous publications relevant to the proposed research and up to five additional representative publications
    • Full publication list

A review panel assembled by FQXi will screen each Initial Proposal according to the criteria in Section III. Based on their assessment, the applicant may be invited to submit a Full Proposal, around March 2020, perhaps with feedback on improving the proposal.

    Please keep in mind that however positive FQXi or FFF personnel may be about a proposal at any stage, it may still be turned down for funding after full peer review.

For more information (FAQ, Examples, Application Form, Timeline) please go to