This list of publications covers work that was performed with the support of the Fetzer Franklin Fund of the John E. Fetzer Memorial Trust. These publications represent research findings from the four different goal areas of funded research at the Fetzer Franklin Fund: Physics, metascience, consciousness research, and biology.

For better access, the search function can be used to identify different authors and keywords in the title. The list is not exhaustive and more publications will be added in the future.


Emergent Quantum Mechanics – David Bohm Centennial Perspectives

Emergent quantum mechanics (EmQM) explores the possibility of an ontology for quantum mechanics. The resurgence of interest in realist approaches to quantum mechanics challenges the standard textbook view, which represents an operationalist approach. The possibility of an ontological, i.e., realist, quantum mechanics was first introduced with the original de Broglie–Bohm theory, which has also been developed in another context as Bohmian mechanics. This book features expert contributions which were invited as part of the David Bohm Centennial symposium of the EmQM conference series.

Metascience – The Science of Doing Science

Metascience has its roots in the philosophy of science and the study of scientific methods. However, it is distinguished from the former by its reliance on quantitative analysis and from the latter by its broad focus on the general factors that contribute to all aspects of the scientific process.

False-Positive Effect in the Radin Double-Slit Experiment on Observer Consciousness as Determined With the Advanced Meta-Experimental Protocol (AMP)

Prior work by Radin et al. (2012, 2016) reported the astonishing claim that an anomalous effect on double-slit (DS) light-interference intensity had been measured as a function of quantum-based observer consciousness. Given the radical implications, could there exist an alternative explanation, other than an anomalous consciousness effect, such as artifacts including systematic methodological error (SME)? To address this question, a conceptual replication study involving 10,000 test trials was commissioned to be performed blindly by the same investigator who had reported the original results.

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