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Metascience 2019 Symposium

05/09 – 08/09/2019, Stanford University, Cubberley Auditorium Related

During this decade, we have witnessed the emergence of a new discipline called metascience, metaresearch, or the science of science. Most exciting is the fact that this is emerging as a truly interdisciplinary enterprise with contributors from every domain of research. This symposium serves as a formative meeting for metascience as a discipline. The meeting will bring together leading scholars that are investigating questions related to themes such as:

  • How do scientists generate ideas?
  • How are our statistics, methods, and measurement practices affecting our capacity to identify robust findings?
  • Does the distinction between exploratory and confirmatory research matter?
  • What is replication and its impact and its value?
  • How do scientists interpret and treat evidence?
  • What are the cultures and norms of science?


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