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Gerhard Grössing

Austrian Institute for Nonlinear Studies, Vienna, Austria Related
Consciousness, Foundations, Physics

Dr. Gerhard Grössing is Co-Founder and Director of the Austrian Institute for Nonlinear Studies (AINS) in Vienna, Austria. He studied physics and mathematics at the University of Vienna and at Iowa State University, USA. During his post-doctoral work at Vienna’s Atominstitut, he coined the term and developed, together with Anton Zeilinger, the first “Quantum Cellular Automata”, and he developed an early variant of an “emergent” quantum theory named “Quantum Cybernetics” whose main results were published as a monograph with Springer Verlag, New York.

His major research interests cover the foundations of quantum theory and new tools in complex systems research. Apart from his scientific work per se, he has a continued interest in the fields of philosophy and foundations of science, where he also published numerous articles and two books. In recent years, the research of Gerhard Grössing and the AINS has focused on the development of an “Emergent Quantum Mechanics”. He has organized at the University of Vienna the first international conference exclusively devoted to this promising and rapidly developing field, whose contributions are collected in a volume published by the Institute of Physics

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